Anxiety, Stress, Depression

When you feel overwhelmed with difficult emotions it can often feel quite challenging to admit the impact on your relationships, work and your mental, psychological and emotional wellbeing. Perhaps you worry where you may be heading, or feel unable to share your feelings with those around you for fear of being a burden. Or maybe it feels daunting to open up to those around you because you fear being treated with negatively or insensitively, without understanding or be left feeling stigmatised for being unable to cope.

Talking openly and honestly with me about what is affecting you can often be a life-changing experience and help you move towards achieving a greater sense of positive, emotional well being rather than feeling stuck. Whether you have experienced past trauma, or are struggling to overcome anxiety, stress or depression, now is the time to take action and realise your full potential, re-engage in all your relationships and really start living life fully again.

Life Coaching

My approach to Life Coaching combines a person centred approach (that places you centrally to all our work so we can gain a deep understanding of what makes you, “you”) with transactional analysis (where we work together to redefine all areas of your communication, both with others and with self). Life coaching empowers you to make the choices that actually feel right for you and and support you to ultimately achieve your true potential. By overcoming your negative beliefs/anxieties, you will develop greater decisiveness in creating and maintaining healthy boundaries and work/life balance. We can also challenge and explore any difficult cultural, social or gendered constructs that may have played a part in defining your identity and increase those feelings of imposter syndrome. Ultimately you will achieve a clearer and more defined sense of you, enjoy greater emotional and mental well being and feel more confident in the choices you make for your future.

When booking an Individual Session you will be able to choose if you would like Counselling, Life Coaching or a mixture of both.

Relationship Counselling, Mediation, Sex Therapy

Adult relationships can offer some of the most rewarding, fulfilling and enriching experiences of our lives and it has been proven time and again that being in a relationship is highly beneficial for our long-term mental, physical and emotional well-being. 

However most relationships experience difficulties along the way. Sometimes this is through a loss of trust, a lack of communication or sexual intimacy, too many outside influences, fractious families or the relationship isn’t moving in the direction you hoped it would. Or it may be that the relationship has reached its natural ending.

This is where relationship counselling and sex therapy can truly help.

Whether you are seeking relationship counselling to overcome your present difficulties, create better communication, resolve a conflict, re-build lost trust or re-discover your love or desire for each other, I can help. By giving you the communication tools to move your relationship in the right direction, helping you develop greater trust, mutual respect, closeness and intimacy, the ultimate aim of couples therapy is to re-connect you in ways that hold far deeper meaning and importance for your relationship.

If your relationship has reached its natural ending, I can help by offering mediation and a space in which you can communicate your needs and the needs of those around you, safely and in the knowledge that you will both be supported fairly and treated respectfully.


Sometimes we develop such a fear of something we can experience complete loss of control, resulting in panic attacks. Often there is a root cause or an initial traumatising event that can lead to a phobic reaction, leaving you feeling vulnerable and highly fearful of encountering a repeat of the situation. Phobias can include emetophobia (fear of being sick), agoraphobia (fear of outdoor spaces), claustrophobia (fear of confinement), trypanophobia (fear of needles). Alternatively, you may have a fear of specific situations that have created anxieties such as social, health or death. Rewind Therapy is a Human Givens therapy specifically developed for PTSD and Phobias. Sometimes in as little as two sessions it can cure traumatised memories, flashbacks, anxiety, phobias, nightmares and other PTSD symptoms.

Young People

Reaching adolescence can feel like a crisis point for many young people, when the difficulties you are experiencing in adapting to a newly emerging, more adult way of being can feel incredibly daunting.

I have worked with young people (11-18), teenagers and adolescents for many years and I understand that coping mechanisms can take a while to develop, or they may have been damaged along the way and have resulted in you withdrawing from what can feel like a very threatening and difficult world. Working together, we can talk about any issue you have experienced, or are currently facing, and we can take our time to understand the impact of past experiences on what can feel like a heavy emotional basket. If you feel the joy of childhood has been lost along the way, you feel you are unable to experience the simple day to day pleasure of life or you are struggling with the pressures of making important life choices about your future, then maybe it is something we can spend some time talking about together.

Addiction Counselling

Addiction can affect our relationships, careers, and everything in between.  Whilst some addicts appear to be able to function with daily tasks, some may be less able to do so. Addiction comes in many forms including alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, narcotics, prescription, or any other drug(s).  

If you have decided it is time to get some help, counselling can offer lots of help and support along the difficult road ahead. From acceptance that there may be a problem, gaining a deeper understanding around the coping mechanism your addiction represents and the root causes of needing a coping mechanism, to developing a more positive relationship with yourself including self compassion, understanding and acceptance.

However, you may feel that counselling might not be enough for you at this moment and you would like to explore other options, such has rehabilitation. To support you in this choice, I am collaborating with Abbey Care Foundation who understand that choosing a rehab programme is a life-changing decision. Here is a free and simple guide that can make choosing the right rehabilitation centre a little easier.