I chose the name ‘Therapala’ (derived from the ancient Greek word for healing, ‘therapela’) as I believe being able to talk openly in a warm, calm and welcoming space is truly therapeutic.

Hi, my name is Katie Page and welcome to Therapala Counselling and Therapy

Anxiety, stress and panic attacks can deeply impact our lives and stop us feeling positive, happy or able to enjoy life fully. A healthy work/life balance can sometimes feel impossible to achieve or, perhaps, our emotional wellbeing can suffer if we are experiencing some kind of crisis on a regular basis.

Or maybe our relationships are suffering intolerable strain. Repeated arguments, anger and distance might be a result of, or lead to, poor communication, a loss of trust, intimacy issues or emotional separation.

Or sometimes it is the awful things that happened in our childhoods that affect our present lives and can leave us feeling overwhelmed, experiencing PTSD, unhappiness, shame and living with the day to day reality of anxiety and depression.

This is where I can help.

About me

Before training to become a qualified Psychotherapeutic and Relationship Counsellor, I spent over twenty years recruiting for some of the world’s leading companies, guiding and coaching professionals from graduates to board level executives, gaining huge insight into peoples lives and the difficulties experienced when trying to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

My approach to psychotherapy and relationship counselling is founded on bringing the same high level of professionalism whilst working in a uniquely personal way with you, or you and your partner. I help by reducing psychological distress to a manageable level, improving communication with self, partners and those around you and increasing positivity both in self and relationships. When you are ready to leave counselling you will feel able to cope again, trust in the choices and decisions you make and generally feel much stronger, positive and comfortable with yourself and with those you are close to.

I know the prospect of opening up to a complete stranger can sometimes feel quite daunting, however you will find I bring lightness, warmth and humour to our sessions and I hope to quickly help you feel relaxed and at ease. I offer talking therapy (not CBT) founded on Rogers’ Person Centred approach that considers you, the client, the expert on what you are feeling. I combine this approach with Bowlby’s Attachment Theory, Erikson’s Psychosocial Development and Berne’s Transactional Analysis, which together underpin all the areas in which I can help you gain greater insight, acceptance and understanding around what is troubling you whilst helping you achieve greater authenticity around your self, resulting in improved life positivity and happier, more open relationships.

I offer a free telephone consultation so we can talk through any concerns or worries you may have, discuss what you are looking for, and give you an opportunity to see whether you would feel comfortable working with me. To arrange this you can call, text, or pop me an email with any questions you may have and to arrange a mutually convenient time.


BA (Hons) First Class Degree in Person-Centred Counselling – Colchester Institute

DBT Informed Practitioner

Rewind Technique for PTSD and Trauma related issues – The Counselling Academy

Couples Counselling – The Counselling Academy

Transactional Analysis – The Counselling Academy

NCFE Diploma in Integrative Counselling Studies, Level 3 – Havering College

Psychosexual Issues and Sex Therapy

Finding Your Way Mentor Training (for young people) – The Surrey Care Trust

Tel Katie: 447383741226

Email: katie@therapala.com